re-look {re-imagine} re-new

re-look {re-imagine} re-new

Each one of us is seeking and all of us together are pursuing a vision of something – we are pursuing and seeking for a vision of what is good, what is right and what is true (and what is beautiful).  Our vision is shaped by what we long for, what we ask for, what we ‘pray’ for. Each one of us has an ‘as it is in’ in mind that shapes what we long for, what we ask for, what we ‘pray’ for. The phrase, or prayer, many of us are familiar with is your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.’

This blog is my attempt to embark on a journey (that I would like to invite you to participate in ) that aims to provide some description of what ‘the kingdom’ looks like, that aims at better seeing what we mean by ‘as it is in’.

I aim to see and describe the fabric or texture of this vision in three areas

  • Communion – Deep communion – with God and one with another
  • Community – Healthy community
  • Commerce – Sustainable commerce

The foundation of this pursuit is based on some foundational beliefs.


I truly believe that sustainable commerce is rooted in healthy community and healthy community is rooted in deep communion.

This is the journey of re-imagining. The journey of re-imagining consists of three steps

  • Re-look
  • Re-imagine
  • Re-new


I truly believe that the way to all three (communion, community and commerce) is to embark on this journey together.

The common part, and first part, of each of these words (and concepts) is ‘com’ which means ‘together’.  Everything we must do we need to do together. To re-look, to re-imagine, to re-new we need one another. We need each others perspective in order to better re-look. We need one another’s perception in order to better re-imagine. We need one another as we decide and act to re-new – we all bring something different to the table. We are, each one, gifts to one another on this journey.  All our observing, all our thinking and all our actions need to be ‘together’.


I believe the ‘tool’ or instrument we use together is that of conversation.

Conversation – the art of observing together, the discipline of thinking together, the act of deciding together, the foundation for acting together.


I believe that the primary metaphor that underlies the fabric and texture of this vision of ‘as it is in’ is ‘to build and to plant’ – to construct and to cultivate.

Where does this picture come from – I encountered it many years ago in the call of the prophet Jeremiah (in the Bible). Jeremiah’s call can be summarised in the words to Build and to Plant


These words in Jeremiah’s call are preceding by:

To pluck up and to break down

To destroy and to overthrow


These are in turn preceded by:

Before I formed you

I knew you

Before you were born

I consecrated you

I appointed you


These words mean (Hebrew in brackets):

  • Before (terem) – to interrupt or suspend, when you were ‘not yet’
  • Formed (yatsar) – squeezed into shape, like a potter, to be moulded into a form, to determine, fashion, frame
  • Knew – (yada) – to know by seeing, I saw you
  • Were born (rechem) – in the womb, from the word to compassionately fondle, by implication to love
  • Consecrated (qadash) – pronounce clean, dedicate, prepare, proclaim, purify, sanctify
  • Appointed (nathan) – appoint, ascribe, assign, bestow, charge, commit, ordain
  • Prophet (nabiy) – inspired man, from speak by inspiration (in prediction of simple discource)


This is followed by:

To all I send you, you shall go

And whatever I command you, you shall speak

Do not be afraid of them

For I am with you to deliver you


Then the Lord put out His hand and touched my mouth and the Lord said to me

Behold I have put my words in your mouth

See I have set you this day over nations and over kingdoms

To pluck up and break down

To destroy and to overthrow

To build and to plant


These mean (Hebrew in brackets):

  • Pluck up (nathash) – tear away, destroy, pluck up or out, pull out by the roots utterly and completely
  • Break down (nathats) -to tear down, beat and break down, destroy, overthrow throw down
  • Destroy (abad) – to wander away and perish, cause to perish and be undone
  • Overthrow (haras) – to pull down in pieces, to beat or break down, overthrow, pluck- pull- throw down, ruin


  • Build (banah) – to build (literally and figuratively), begin to build, repair, set up
  • Plant (nata) – to strike, to fix, to plant (literally or figuratively), to fasten


I believe we need to ask, and keep asking, the following questions

  • In communion – what do we build, what do we plant?
  • In community – what do we build, what do we plant?
  • In commerce – what do we build, what do we plant?

And I suppose the counter to these questions are the questions: in each of these what do we pluck up (tear away) and break down (tear down), destroy (allow to perish) and overthrow (allow to go to ruin).


I also believe that the way we see or observe is shaped by  our position, our filters and our seeking – perhaps summed up in the questions:

  • Where do we look/see from?
  • What do we look/see through?
  • What do we look for?


So, the foundation I want to build to this journey (or perhaps the springboard) is the invite us together on a journey to

  • Re-look
  • Re-imagine
  • Re-new

I call this journey the RE-IMAGINING PROJECT.

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