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An introduction

I am passionate about THINKING – and helping people to THINK about things around them!

(Not that I have always got it right myself…)

I believe that we have been made to engage the world around us actively, to embrace what life throws at us and see it’s impact on us – not just to go with the flow and accept whatever happens.

(Again, not that I have always got it right myself…)

I do believe that everything happens for a purpose – but not in a ‘random way’. This purpose is, however, not always fully realised, and possibly only very seldom realised. As a result we tend to  passively accept the thing that happen.

I believe that the purpose behind everything is not our own purpose, the one we design, but the purpose of the one who designed us and made us and whom our lives are meant to reflect to a greater and greater degree.

I believe that everyone, in their own unique design and creation, has something to offer, everyone must be true to themselves and everyone is valuable.


I believe that we are at a critical WATERSHED in the world today – a time where thinking together, re-looking at the world around us, re-imagining what could (and should) be, and initiating a process that will re-new what needs to be re-newed.

Each one of us is pursuing (or seeking to pursue) after what we believe to good and true and right and beautiful. The extent that we do this in our personal lives, in our families, in the work that we do, in the other things we are involved with and in is the extent to which our lives have meaning and purpose and significance. And we all want to live with meaning and purpose and significance.

I believe that we can live with meaning, purpose and significance. it starts with imagining what this would and should look like.

This I think (and believe) is ABSOLUTELY critical right now!

The story behind this project (my personal story) has a number of parts – please explore them if you wish to…

Part 1: the question

Part 2: the journey

Part 3: roots and fruits

NB much of the writing in the story is ‘as I think it’ – there are many styles and formats, as my mind wanders so my writing follows. Some of the parts of the story are ‘works in progress’ – in other words I am still writing them 🙂

PS many of these ‘story elements’ will find themselves into the reflections and ‘reimaginings’.

An Aside…

I have used the word I believe a lot because I think (and believe) that the way we live is fashioned at the deepest level by our fundamental beliefs… if I am truly dissatisfied with the way I am, and the things I do I need to examine my beliefs – about the world and the way it came to be the way that it is, about myself and how I came to be where I am and the way that I am, about those around me and the value that they add to me… and at the deepest level I need to hold my beliefs up to the one who enables me to believe (and seek to live all that I am to reflect and demonstrate His glory.)

You can find out more about the ‘work’ that I do (‘work’ in inverted commas because I believe it is more a ‘vocation’) at www.rogerhitchcock.co.za

I would love to hear from you – roger@hitchcock.com (no spam please)